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CX in the Gig Economy - No One Size Fits All (for Brands or Workers)

At our recent CX Gig Workforce Briefing at Microsoft HQ in Redmond, WA, we learned one thing for sure: There are as many possible applications of the gig workforce for customer experience as there are corporate use cases - and the number of brands sourcing gig workers for customer service and...

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The Gig Economy: More Than Just "Here to Stay"

I have spent more than 20 years in the customer experience arena, and I may have tried more new ideas in the past four years at Sun Basket than in the previous 17+ years combined. Startups provide an amazing opportunity to dabble in the new—to find a new idea or trend, research, test, try,...

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The Acquisition Gig

This week Sun Basket took it's third step into utilizing the knowledge, passion, and expertise of our customers. As some of you are aware, nearly 2 years ago we started putting our toe in the water with Customer' Helping Customers in customer support. We now have approximately 10% of our...

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Gig & Other Alternative Work Solutions In The News

Over the past couple of weeks, while I have been conducting the Gig interviews, there have been some very interesting articles in the news and research papers about the future of work. While I included the announcement of Uber Works in my blog on Postmates , as it was directly relevant, I...

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Translating Gig Workers into Business Success

If you attended the New Orleans CRS in March you would have seen Unbabel on the main stage with Microsoft, LinkedIn, Home Depot and Logitech. If you were at Denver CRS you may have attended Unbabel's Moments of Brilliance session with Edmund Ovington and @Sue Morris of Microsoft. If you weren...

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Outsourcing: The Challenge of Agent Engagement

In a follow-up to the #Outsourcing Briefing held this past June in Richmond, VA, @LeAnne Crocker and I moderated Monday's Outsourcing interest group session at Customer Response Summit – Denver. Armed with key questions distilled from the Richmond event, we asked attendees to gather together...

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Gig Economy Interest Group Meeting Denver Customer Response Summit

Happy Monday all, to both those here in Denver for #CRSDenver and those elsewhere. I just had the pleasure of co-hosting the #GigEconomy Group meeting with @Sue Morris of Microsoft, and @Lisa Oswald from Travel Zoo. We had a packed room representing many brands and industries, as well...

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Gig Workers and the Law

Just in time for our panel discussion on utilizing the #GigEconomy at #CRSDenver next week, some of the legalities of how gig workers are categorized hit the news based on a new law that will go into effect in California on Jan 1 st 2020.

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Gig Economy for Restaurant Work

One of the concerns many of us have around relying on gig workers is ensuring that you will have enough of the right people available when our customers need them. I expect this to be one of the topics discussed at the #GigEconomy roundtable at the upcoming Customer Response Summit Denver...

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Measuring Performance in the Gig

This past week we had our first QBR with our Gig partner. As I have mentioned in one of my earlier blogs, at Sun Basket we started our first pilot of gig work about 18 months ago, and after spits and spurts of tweaking the approach, began in earnest in January of this year. In many respects this...