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  • Michelle Martinez - Head of Customer Experience

    I can't say enough great things about the CXSS team, an I'm not an easy grader. I engaged CXSS to help our start-up select the right BPO partner for us. We were looking for a highly competent team in a niche field, at a reasonable price (more focus on empathy and problem solving approach than pricing). Tom did all the heavy lifting, pushing, hard question-asking and always made himself available for discussion. He made me feel like we were his only client and was always two steps ahead of me, so I never had to ask what's next.
  • Paul C. Marino - Director of CXC at Large National Bank

    When we decided to begin a search for a new nearshore BPO partner, we didn't know where to start. I had experience working with BPO partners, but only knew about the larger BPO companies and didn't think they were a fit for our size, I reached out to Jeff Bubak, a colleague from many years ago, and Tom Silzell, founder of CX Solution Source to better understand if their model would benefit me. After hearing about their approach, experience, and the specific information they shared on every nearshore market, I was convinced they were a great fit to help me find a great BPO Partner.

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