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Operational Readiness Addressing the Growing COVID-19 Concerns

Based on recent updates on the coronavirus, the Execs In The Know Corporate Advisory Board recently sat down to discuss the considerations and planning that need to occur within their service operations during this time.The board agreed that there are three main critical categories that need to be addressed: business, customers, and employees’ welfare. 

Download the list of questions here.

How COVID-19 Is Impacting Our Community

Global Disruptions to Customer Service: How Top Brands Are Adapting Contingency Plans Amidst Coronavirus Concerns

Every company has a business contingency plan (BCP) – a blueprint for ensuring continuity of service when the unexpected occurs. But as we discovered at the Customer Response Summit (CRS) in Hollywood, Florida, the global and potentially long-term effects of the novel coronavirus on travel, commuters, and work environment present unique challenges that are sure to alter brands’ BCPs — and even their business strategies — moving forward. Read more...