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Pizza Hut's Paul Brandt on Delivering a Feeling, One Pie at a Time

Not everyone gets to grow up and take a job they love with a brand that gave them the warm fuzzies as a child. By that standard @Paul Brandt, who joined Pizza Hut as VP of Customer Experience in April 2019, is one lucky guy. In this interview, he explains how the brand’s employee-first approach helps ensure that all of their customers and team members feel “happy, valued, and cared for.” Read more...

Brett Frazer on Gig Economy

  • This week Sun Basket took it's third step into utilizing the knowledge, passion, and expertise of our customers. As some of you are aware, nearly 2 years ago we started putting our toe in the water with Customer' Helping Customers in customer support. We now have approximately 10% of our weekly volume handled through this channel and are continuing ...