About the KIA Community

Hungry for new ideas and approaches to transform the customer experience? Know It All (KIA) empowers members to crowdsource and connect with CX peers in a collaborative, non-competitive environment to solve challenges.

How the KIA Community Can Help

  • It's the perfect place to ask those niche questions that only other CX end users will understand and have the relevant advice and insights you're looking for
  • Daily discussions on what's going on in the world of CX with peer-to-peer advice
  • Find out what's being done successfully at other top brands to build strategies and make informed decisions
  • 87% of the members say that community content and member input improved their quality of work
  • 96% of the members say they feel comfortable reaching out to other community members for help
  • Meet up with other KIA members at our exclusive KIA tables at Customer Response Summit
  • When you're a KIA member, you also have access to exclusive content and events, and discounts on live events
  • Use the KIA app to check in from anywhere, anytime
  • Executive job board
  • Member directory
Get insider information on prospective vendors.

The CX Marketplace is a dynamic, content-rich solutions showcase for emerging solutions in the CX space. The Marketplace provides KIA community members access to valuable insights in a candid, no-pressure-to-buy environment. The Marketplace enables KIA members to share their personal insights on vendors amongst their corporate peers in a private setting. Marketplace partners share new, ungated content every month so you can keep up to date on all the latest and greatest in CX technology and services. 

How it Works

No fees or dues. We believe in the power of community when it comes to solving issues and pushing the industry forward. The KIA community is offered at no cost. We aren't an association so we don't require fees or dues of any kind. 

We won't sell your information.
Your contact information is private and secure. We're not in the business of selling information. We simply use it to keep you informed of upcoming events and news. You can opt-out of our communications at any time. 

Sales-free zone. We provide a private, online space, without the pressure of sales pitches. Solution providers have their own space in the CX Marketplace to showcase their products.

Connect from anywhere, anytime

  1. "Request to Join" the community, if you aren't already a member
  2. Download the “HL Connected Community” mobile app on your mobile device (iOS or Android – see attached screenshot)
  3. Log in using our “community.execsintheknow.com”domain name.
  4. Use your KIA login credentials to log in

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