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Staying Hospitable During A Pandemic

I grew up in the hotel industry and after more than 30 years have weathered many storms, including the aftermath of 9/11 where we saw negative bookings. However, I never imagined I would see the impact which the global pandemic has had on the industry. While COVID 19 has inflicted a...

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Balancing AI and Humans to Combat Misinformation

Never before has the internet — and information we consume — been in such a considerable state of flux. We’re facing a true crisis of misinformation, where fake news is 70 percent more likely to be retweeted than true stories. The consequences of this cannot be understated, from affecting...

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3 Reasons Intelligent Automation Is the Future of Digital Finance

Where a finance and accounting (F&A) department sits in terms of digital maturity often reflects where an organization sits as a whole. As Sutherland’s SVP of Business Process Automation, Timothy Leger, previously explained , that’s because the modern-day Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is...

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How to Leverage AI for Smart Customer Engagement

For many years, the hype surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) overshadowed its real-world impact. More recently, AI is delivering on its much discussed promise . This shift has resulted from an exponential increase in both computing power and available data. Today, 40% of marketing and...