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Top AI and Automation Training Courses for Customer Service Teams


AI and automation have rapidly increased the efficiencies of CX teams across the globe, making daily tasks far easier while empowering agents to do more with less effort — and in less time. But some support centers still have hesitations around adopting AI, especially ones that might not fully understand the benefits of AI, and its ease of implementation. It’s up to CX leaders to overcome agent apprehension if they want to take advantage of the technology.

One of the best ways to stoke enthusiasm for AI on support teams is by providing useful, engaging training courses. By investing in and encouraging their teams to explore AI and automation training courses, CX leaders can show agents how these tools work as well as how to apply them in a CX context. The key is finding the right learning partner in that endeavor — to make sure agents gain the right knowledge to take the reins with this technology.

Next, we’ll cover the basic benefits of providing AI and automation training to customer service teams. Then, we’ll share the most popular AI-related training courses offered in Gladly Connect, the free CX community at Gladly.

Benefits of AI and Automation Training in CX

AI and automation play considerable roles in CX already. Even if you don’t have sophisticated chatbots and AI-powered customer routing, you likely employ basic features like IVR or automated response generation to help agents on the ground. These features, once considered complex, are now almost ubiquitous in support centers. All your staff needs when adopting new tools is an understanding of how technology works for them, with benefits like:

  • Decreased support volume that reduces pressure on agents — especially in peak season
  • Enabled self-service to complement agent workload and make shoppers happier to solve simpler issues on their own
  • Gained ability to detect and surface themes found during customer outreach or identified in customer sentiment
  • Suggested replies, tone changes, or generated conversation recaps to expedite the manual work associated with support

An AI-versed support center will better identify opportunities to utilize this technology. For that simple reason, it’s imperative that everyone in a support center, from leaders to managers to agents, understand how it works and how they can use it.

Learning, exploring, and innovating starts with that first step of investing in AI and automation training courses — from there, your team will become familiar with these tools and begin identifying ways to incorporate them.

The Top AI and Automation Training Courses from Gladly Connect

At Gladly Connect, we offer continued learning opportunities for CX teams, specialists, and managers to expand their AI vocabulary and learn how to apply it more effectively. Here are some top courses currently available.

1. Evolution of AI

This first course functions as an introduction to AI and how the technology has become more and more ubiquitous in the support center. This opening class will provide insights and guidance, like:

  • Defining and outlining the growth of AI development in CX
  • Helping students understand the benefits of AI in their jobs
  • Debunking common myths about AI in the workplace
  • Providing a technical breakdown of how AI works and defining key terms like machine and deep learning, neural networks, and machine reasoning
  • Reviewing how AI works in practice across various industries

2. Promises and Challenges of AI

With the fundamentals under your belt, the next phase is to understand the scope of the technology. Seeing the possibilities of AI inspires agents to think bigger about how this tool can expand their ability to work smarter and more effectively. This second course will assist with:

  • Examining ongoing developments and challenges in the field of AI
  • Demonstrating how AI plays a role in everyday work and personal life
  • Centering AI in the context of similar or adjacent technologies, such as robotics, blockchain, VR and the metaverse, and biotechnology

3. Data and Artificial Intelligence

Your team knows how AI works and how they can use it — now, dig deeper into the connection between the data and information your team collects to find out how the technology can translate it into actionable insights. This next course will help with:

  • Understanding big data and its strategic ramifications
  • Learning how to apply intelligence and data science in professional contexts like CX
  • Finding ways to integrate data science and AI into your corporate culture to help influence future CX approaches and strategies
  • Comparing your existing approaches to big companies that leverage AI and data science to their advantage, such as Uber, Airbnb, Netflix, SNCF, and SUEZ

Notes From an Expert

'What AI allows us to do is understand customer sentiment in real-time and use AI to guide the connotation from an agent standpoint,' Sitaraman said. 'This is why it’s so essential for agents to see how data can be leveraged in their favor.'

4. Artificial Intelligence for Small Businesses

In this final comprehensive masterclass on AI’s role across industries, agents get a culminating view of automation and how it can be the catalyst for scaling any small business into a powerhouse. During this in-depth course, lessons will provide expertise like:

  • Understanding how any AI user can harness this technology for any small business, regardless of application
  • Uncovering automation and machine learning techniques that vastly improve internal capabilities and CX processes
  • Establishing a leadership approach to AI implementation that helps identify customer needs, find CX opportunity areas, and create measurable and improvable support center efficiencies

Creating an In-House Staff of AI Experts

Armed with the knowledge they’ve gained from these AI and automation training courses, your customer service staff will be elevated into Support Heroes who feel confident using this technology. CX leaders can use these Gladly Connect courses to devise a mini-curriculum that ensures their whole team understands how their infrastructure runs more efficiently thanks to AI and automation.

Get started by signing up for these Gladly Connect courses today and start seeing how much more capable your support staff can be with the right tools and training under their belt.