Channel Strategy: Omni? Multi? Something Else?

By Shannon Burch posted 02-12-2019 12:00 AM


Last week at NOLA CRS there were many conversations both on the mainstage and individual regarding channel strategy. The topic is on everyone’s mind and continues to be debated .... omni vs multi?

Over the course of the week, here are some things I heard.... please carry on the discussion by adding what you found interesting or questions you were unable to get resolution on.

  • “Omni is a Unicorn and unachievable.”
  • “Not all services need to be offered in all channels, the key is being exceptional at being mindful of the customers journey and adding to their information/story across channels rather than having the customer begin again in each channel “
  • “If your organization is new then Omni is easier to achieve as there are not any legacy systems “ this was contested as several new industry brands who stood up and said they felt they still had work to do on Omni.
  • “When you choose the channel for the work, be exceptional at that channel.”
  • “Use communication in whatever form to discuss channel options with customers particularly if you are requiring to move them from their channel of choice to another ... what is in it for them?”
  • “AI and Machine Learning can assist with perfecting the movement of customers through channels.”

What were you hearing at CRS?