The Acquisition Gig

By Brett Frazer posted 10-31-2019 02:10 PM


This week Sun Basket took it's third step into utilizing the knowledge, passion, and expertise of our customers.

As some of you are aware, nearly 2 years ago we started putting our toe in the water with Customer' Helping Customers in customer support.  

  • We now have approximately 10% of our weekly volume handled through this channel and are continuing to expand towards a target of 15-20%
  • We have been able to open a 24x7 channel for direct support while only "staffing" M-F 8am -5pm.

Earlier this year our Development team started utilizing our customers as "in production" quality assurance for our online product, testing features and functionality of our web portal after revision releases go live.

  • We have over 200 tasks performed each week to stress test across multiple mobile device/ browser combinations.
  • Our Experts have identified 3 Major and over 50 minor issues which in turn prevented likely contacts into our contact center, and or compensation due to negative customer experience

This week, in conjunction with Limitless, Facebook and Amplify our Marketing organization launched a pilot testing a Facebook "in ad messaging" connection between prospects and existing customers. In a day and age where 43% of consumers trust other consumers more than companies, this is a great opportunity to increase conversion at a lower Cost of Acquisition (CAC) by providing direct access to our existing customers to help future customers make their purchasing decisions. The goals that we are looking for to move this from a one-off campaign to an ongoing tool in our acquisition strategy:

  • Lower CAC (-10% from regular FB ads)
  • Increased Conversions per engagement (+10% sign up from regular FB click through)
  • increase eLTV (+5% from regular FB acquired customer)

 Here is what the FB engagement looks like both the initial add, as well as the messenger connection with three automated questions and the initial personalized engagement from our of our Experts based on the customer responses to the automated questions.


While we are still in early days of the pilot, we are seeing some great engagement discussions between our Experts and prospects, and positive conversion metrics.

As you think about your gig strategy, remember to look at opportunities across your organization, not just in Customer Service and Support.

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