Did CCW Vegas snub the Gig Economy?

By Brett Frazer posted 06-21-2019 12:00 AM


I usually try to stay away from the zoo that is CCW Vegas, however this year one of our partners kindly covered all expenses, so it is hard to say no ūüėä

As I have been signing up for the breakout sessions while there are a myriad of sessions around Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Assistance, Chat Bots, the unicorn of OmniChannel, and managing the culture of your internal customer service staff it seems that CCW has placed a snub on the growing opportunity of augmenting and enhancing customer service with gig engagements.

I may be surprised when I get there that the topic is hidden within some other fancy session title. I hope that I am wrong, and able to report back in a couple of weeks how organizations are starting to use and benefit from the loyalty and knowledge the exists within their customer set.

If not, maybe I need to throw my hat in the ring to participate in the zoo next year.

Let’s wait and see.

In the meantime we are paving forward without Customer Experts, having doubled our volume we are sending to them in the past month. Planning to double that again in August from a Customer Service perspective, as well as forge a new partnership with Facebook on using our customers in ‚Äúconsultative selling‚ÄĚ direct from Facebook advertising. Exciting times and I look forward to updating you more on that once we have results.

If any fellow EITK members will be at CCW next week, give me a shout. I would love to catch up, have a drink and talk about CRS Denver.