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Introducing "Experience Matters" Our New Podcast Series

In each episode of "Experience Matters," we explore a different CX challenge and innovative ways to meet it.

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The Challenge of Creating a Seamless Experience with Partners To Accelerate Results: Cristin Pierce — November 18, 2020

The Challenge of Obtaining Customer Service Talent: Jerry Leisure, CEO of Officium Labs — July 22, 2020 

The Challenge of Frontline Engagement: Karin Hurt and David Dye — July 28, 2020

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    First of all, how are you and your family doing in these COVID-19 times? Jerry Leisure: We are doing well. We are fortunate not to have been severely impacted by the virus so far. We started social distancing, wearing masks, and isolating in March. It has been an interesting 2020, to say the least. It has taught us personal and professional ways to learn, adapt, and find value and meaning in what we do. READ MORE ...

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    If you are feeling a bit tired or worn down today, THIS is what you need! Steve is one of the most encouraging leadership coaches on the planet. With a great deal of fear present in the world today, Steve's techniques will help you to overcome obstacles and bring new life to your team! #Leadership #Ideas/Inspiration #Coaching/Mentorship ​​​

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    In the video game industry, a player’s journey from download to devotion has many steps and should the game fail the player, well, that’s one less customer and untold dollars lost. Jerry Leisure knows this all too well. He co-founded Officium Labs with business partner Scott McCabe last year to create dynamic experiences that satisfy their customers time after time. ​

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