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Peer Awards 2020: A Tea Party to Remember


I’ve been to quite a few award shows in my day, but never anything like the 2020 Peer Awards hosted last month at Fortnum & Mason in London’s Piccadilly. “Peer Awards” is not simply a clever title—the award finalists were also the judges, creating a true atmosphere of celebration and encouragement. Awards were presented in three categories: Corporate Responsibility, Customer Engagement, and People and Performance. Many of the best brands in the world were represented, creating a delightful energy in the room as tea was served.

Our Officium contingent was blown away by the creativity and sincerity of many of the entries. It’s so encouraging to see organizations that are investing a tremendous amount of time, energy, and resources into making the world better for both employees and customers. Jerry Leisure, CEO of Officium Labs, says it best: “Looking around the room at the Peer Awards, I saw innovators, small and large companies, individuals with a special passion to help others, and a great spirit of service and helping in word and deed. As a new startup, we were humbled to be recognized with such a seasoned group of movers and thought leaders. What a wonderful experience!”

The day ended on a high note with Officium Labs taking home two awards! Quite impressive for a company that has not yet celebrated its full first year. Our first award under “Customer Engagement” was for pioneering work in the area of automation and language translation. Take a look at the unique approach in Jerry’s “Bots and Babel Fish” post.

Our second award was for “Engaging with Customers Via Technology,” recognizing Officium’s work in paving the way for a tremendous shift in how customer service/CX workers are sourced and compensated. When we disrupt the traditional “production-worker, industrial-revolution mentality,” we can increase employee retention, decrease cost, and attract top talent from across the globe.

A huge thanks to Stephen and the whole Peer Awards team for a superb afternoon. If our debut appearance was any indication, we anticipate next year to be very good for the Officium Labs team.

-Nate Brown, Chief Experience Officer of Officium Labs