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Why You Should Outsource Your Customer Service

Outsourcing started as a modest way to reduce costs. Lower labor rates in places like India and the Philippines, along with technology advancements, created opportunities to drive efficiencies in large organizations while tapping into a new talent source. Today, it's a whole new ball game. The...

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Outsourcing in Jamaica: Your Questions, Answered

Why is Jamaica such a desirable nearshore customer service support location? On November 20, HGS hosted a webinar featuring speakers to address just that. Our attendees heard about the benefits of Jamaica nearshoring from three experts: Gloria Henry, President of the Business Process...

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Conversations with Clients: Gladys Labradores, Conduent Philippines

This past August, Shreekant Vijaykar, director for Asia Operations for COPC Inc., had an opportunity to sit with Gladys Labradores, regional director for Conduent, in Manila, Philippines. Gladys is a seasoned BPO leader with proven expertise in service operations and contact center strategies....

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Outsourcing: The Challenge of Agent Engagement

In a follow-up to the #Outsourcing Briefing held this past June in Richmond, VA, @LeAnne Crocker and I moderated Monday's Outsourcing interest group session at Customer Response Summit – Denver. Armed with key questions distilled from the Richmond event, we asked attendees to gather together...

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Communicating with Vendors: When in Doubt, RECAP

I have learned, through much trial and error, to improve the importance of quality communication with my vendors, and in my experience it all comes down to five key elements. As it happens, these five elements can be neatly summed up in an easy to remember (and very apt) acronym: RECAP. R...