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Building Business Resiliency Through Augmented Customer Experiences

CX Best Practices eCommerce Posted September 29, 2020 The polarity of the pandemic is undeniable. On the one hand, COVID-19 has fostered anxiety and uncertainty across the globe, yet it has also highlighted the strength of the human spirit and our ingenuity in...

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Year in Review: The 6 CX Lessons that Defined 2020

CX Best Practices Posted December 29, 2020 In a year dictated by the various stages and devastating impacts of the global pandemic, there have thankfully also been some inspiring moments. These included our ability as a global community to quickly adapt and evolve all...

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Rainbow Shops’ Adoption of Kustomer CRM Platform Just Weeks Before Peak Holiday Shopping Delivers Seamless, Efficient Customer Experience

by: Kustomer November 24, 2020 Kustomer Quickly Helps Rainbow Shops Reduce Abandon Rate by 60%, Improve Agent Satisfaction And Deliver A Modern Customer Experience New York, NY – November 24, 2020 – Rainbow Shops , a fashion retailer with 12,000 employees worldwide, today announced...

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Why Data Will Power the Future of the Contact Center

by: Andrea Paul, Content Marketing Manager June 3, 2020 Until now, the omnichannel, cloud-based, 360-degree customer view-enabled contact center was mostly a pipe dream, touted by technology vendors and thought leaders, with a majority of businesses falling short of this gold...

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A Tale of Radically Personal Service

Every day customer service heroes work hard to deliver radically personal service to customers —where customers feel known, valued, and experience service that feels effortless. This is the story of one such customer, Michael. And his customer service hero, Stephanie. … Meet Michael. ...

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Deliver Radically Personal Customer Service with Customer-Centric Tasks

Customer service heroes make their job look incredibly easy. But while they might resolve a customer’s issue in a single email, phone call, or chat session, it’s usually the result of a lot of behind-the-scenes work— by them, and the organization at large. Whether it’s liaising with the...

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Kustomer Raises $60 Million Series E to Accelerate Transformation of Customer Service

By Brad Birnbaum, CEO & Co-Founder, Kustomer Yesterday, we announced our $60M Series E funding round led by Coatue. I wanted to take a few minutes and talk about reimagining customer service and the future of Kustomer. I’ve always been passionate about great customer...

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Omnichannel Kustomer Platform Adds MessageBird and Twilio WhatsApp Business Integrations

By Doug Jarvis, Director of Product Marketing The on-demand economy has made it imperative for businesses to provide service via the communication channels their customers use as part of their daily lives. As a truly omnichannel platform, Kustomer has enabled companies around the world to...

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Customer Journey Mapping - How to Get Started

Customers expect their needs to be satisfied every time they engage with a brand. If an organization fails to deliver at any moment, it could trigger the end of the relationship. Of course, it is quid pro quo. Satisfied customers demonstrate greater brand loyalty. For example, organizations that...