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Balancing AI and Humans to Combat Misinformation

Never before has the internet — and information we consume — been in such a considerable state of flux. We’re facing a true crisis of misinformation, where fake news is 70 percent more likely to be retweeted than true stories. The consequences of this cannot be understated, from affecting...

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Nuance rated highest-scoring for enterprise-class intelligent virtual assistants

Opus Research’s report evaluated 13 firms to better understand enabling platforms & technology, integration points & scalability, track record and future vision for enterprise-scale conversational AI. For the fourth consecutive year, Opus Research has named Nuance the highest-rated...

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With CX, Standing Still Means Falling Behind

Chris O'Brien | Marketing Manager Customer experience is a moving target. What a customer expects from your business is not only based on their past experiences with you, but also on experiences they’ve had with other businesses in general. As a society, the bar is raised on CX as soon...

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What does it mean to be resilient in 2021?

With the devastating loss of lives and livelihoods, it’s strange to hear prognosticators speak of “opportunities in the New Normal.” But history tells us it’s true. If you want your organization to lead in the New Normal — or the Next Normal or whatever the recovery period is called — what are...

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Ready to modernize your contact center? Assess trends with care

‘Tis the season for contact center trends, predictions, and “must-watch” lists. Many analyst firms provide reports that explain and prioritize the relevance or importance of these trends, but one of the most succinct summaries to put contact center trends into perspective is the Gartner...

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Insights from a CX Expert: Anatomy of a Great Contact Center Experience

Elizabeth Magill | VP Marketing. High quality customer service has always been the unsung hero of driving company profits, and the contact center experience often plays a key role in how that service is delivered and received. Back in 1990, a Harvard Business...

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Crisis Averted: Our Favorite Retail Catastrophes that Never Happened

Chris O'Brien | Marketing Manager. Many of the things we used to consider reassuringly normal around the holidays have been upended by the events of 2020. We’re traveling less ( 46% of US travelers planned less travel this year) spending less (retail sales are likely to drop 10.5%) ...

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Building Business Resiliency Through Augmented Customer Experiences

CX Best Practices eCommerce Posted September 29, 2020 The polarity of the pandemic is undeniable. On the one hand, COVID-19 has fostered anxiety and uncertainty across the globe, yet it has also highlighted the strength of the human spirit and our ingenuity in...

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The Chatbot Cheatsheet: 7 Tips for Building a Chatbot Program

by: Jillian Zatta, Customer Success Manager October 28, 2020 So, you think you’re ready to invest in conversational automation, but you want to avoid the hype and nonsense? Great, then we are here to help! Keep these seven points top-of-mind as you build out your chatbot program, and you...