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Staying Hospitable During A Pandemic

I grew up in the hotel industry and after more than 30 years have weathered many storms, including the aftermath of 9/11 where we saw negative bookings. However, I never imagined I would see the impact which the global pandemic has had on the industry. While COVID 19 has inflicted a...

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Balancing AI and Humans to Combat Misinformation

Never before has the internet — and information we consume — been in such a considerable state of flux. We’re facing a true crisis of misinformation, where fake news is 70 percent more likely to be retweeted than true stories. The consequences of this cannot be understated, from affecting...

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Nuance rated highest-scoring for enterprise-class intelligent virtual assistants

Opus Research’s report evaluated 13 firms to better understand enabling platforms & technology, integration points & scalability, track record and future vision for enterprise-scale conversational AI. For the fourth consecutive year, Opus Research has named Nuance the highest-rated...

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Customer experience in 2021: how does AI factor in?

As part of our Future Forward webinar series, Best Buy Health’s President Deborah DiSanzo joined our CTO Joe Petro for a discussion about customer experience, AI, and how the two are converging in 2021. You can catch up with the webinar, moderated by Dan Miller, founder and lead analyst of Opus...

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Ready to modernize your contact center? Assess trends with care

‘Tis the season for contact center trends, predictions, and “must-watch” lists. Many analyst firms provide reports that explain and prioritize the relevance or importance of these trends, but one of the most succinct summaries to put contact center trends into perspective is the Gartner...

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Experts Reveal: The Benefits of Automated CX Testing

Clara Eckel | Marketing Manager. Contact centers weren't always the AI-driven, predictive, omnichannel complex operations they are today. Once upon a time, customers found companies' contact info in the yellow pages, and "dialed directly into a particular person with the...

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Why Data Will Power the Future of the Contact Center

by: Andrea Paul, Content Marketing Manager June 3, 2020 Until now, the omnichannel, cloud-based, 360-degree customer view-enabled contact center was mostly a pipe dream, touted by technology vendors and thought leaders, with a majority of businesses falling short of this gold...

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Look for the Helpers: Technology's Role in Keeping Us Connected in Times of Crisis

In this moment of crisis, when the majority of the population is self-isolating at home, technology is an even more vital tool for streamlining crisis communications between companies, their teams and their customers. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, IDG's 2019 Digital Business reported 91% of...

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How A Customer Service Chatbot Could Really Help Your Business Right Now

Increasingly, brands are looking for innovative ways to meet rising customer expectations and remain relevant in a digital-first world. One such tactic is to use chatbots and automation to streamline manual and time-consuming processes and to improve the customer experience. Customer service...