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Level Up Your Customer Experience With AI


In a world of on-demand delivery and television on tap, customers today are starting to expect near-immediate satisfaction in all aspects of their lives. And that poses an interesting challenge for companies trying to deliver to their customers’ satisfaction—how can you provide quick resolution to their questions and issues, while still providing your customer service representatives the space to build the all-important relationships that keep customers loyal?

The answer—as with many things in life—is technology. And more specifically, artificial intelligence (AI). 

Granted, we haven’t reached the AI dreams promised to us in ‘The Jetsons’ (Astro, I’m looking at you boy), but there’s tremendous potential for companies to leverage AI as it stands today to push the boundaries of what constitutes great service. 

In this Handbook, we’ll explore: 

AI and Personalization. How AI can make personalization easier and more efficient 

Augmented Intelligence. Where it can be leveraged to enhance (not replace) human effort

Voice-Powered Support. The potential for voice-powered devices as a brand new avenue to engage with your brand   

Real-Life Examples. See how the best brands are leveraging AI in their CX strategies

Tips for Success. Tips from Gladly’s AI and machine learning technical lead, Alice Li, on setting the right foundation for your AI strategy

Ready to take your service to a whole new level? Grab your free handbook.

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