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COPC Inc. advises leading brands throughout the world to deliver strategy, program development, and implementation services to improve operations that support the customer experience. 

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    More than ever before, consumers have more channel options available to them when interacting with organizations, and they are increasingly using multiple channels to attempt to resolve their issues. ...

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    Quality Management (QM) Programs are essential for management to improve performance, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce business costs. For example, recent research has found that 70%* of customers ...

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    An Engaged Employee is a Customer Champion Employee Engagement: The emotional commitment employees have with their organization. Emotionally engaged employees genuinely care about their work and organization. ...

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  • The COPC Standards Committee Welcomes Scott Horace

    The COPC Standards Committee is a group of global leaders that oversees and maintains the COPC Customer Experience (CX) Standard, recognized as the industry standard for managing and improving CX operations since 1996.

    Scott Horace brings 25+ years of experience in the customer service industry to the COPC Standards Committee. As the Senior Vice President of Global Consumer Support Services at Mastercard, Horace implemented innovative solutions that improved the overall customer experience and increased customer satisfaction. His extensive knowledge of customer service operations and commitment to excellence will be invaluable to the COPC Standards Committee.

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