Now Is The Time to Be a Shining Beacon Within Your Organization

By Brett Frazer posted 04-13-2020 01:35 PM

As I write this I do so with the full understanding that I am in a very fortunate position within the American workforce right now.

Our company, Sun Basket, is uniquely positioned to help reduce the potential risks and uncertainties associated with shopping for food, and we are seeing unprecedented demand from existing, former, and new customers. Our front line staff are also in the position of heightened uncertainty and risk, in order to provide that security to others, and as such our operational priority is focused on ensuring that they are as safe and well protected as possible; with PPE, with increased segregations of shifts and teams within shifts, and by implementing infrared camera based temperature screening at the start of each shift. By doing this, when (not if) one of them tests positive, we can safely look after those impacted, while being able to continue to provide this critical service.

So how is this relevant to the capability of Customer Service being a beacon within Sun Basket right now, or for your team to be that beacon within your organization?

Regardless as to whether you too are seeing a demand increase, dealing with significant declines in business, volumes, and unfortunate staff reductions, or somewhere in between customers are still contacting us, and in more heightened states of emotion than ever. While it is easy to get stuck in the negative, if your organizations have been transparent with your customers on new expectations, there are also customers who are expressing their gratitude for your company. Expressing their affirmations as to why they love your brand, and the appreciation for what your cs teams and everyone else in your company is doing, or going through.

Everyone in your company needs and deserves to hear this.

While I have always brought one to two positive and negative verbatim to our leadership meetings, two weeks ago we decided to supercharge these powerful messages of gratitude from our customers.

Based on entries from Agents into Slack channels, customer case and survey responses we created a Google Slide (Sorry MSFT folks) presentation that is emailed to all of our employees to each day with 2-3 gratitude we received the day before added to the top of the presentation. Our production facilities have these looping on the big screens in break rooms for those not working at laptops to see the impact they are making.
In our, now weekly “All Screens”, companywide meetings our CEO calls on CS to share two to three of those gratitudes in real time.

The sense of pride and resolve that I see in our teams eyes when they hear how much we mean to our customers is heartwarming.

If you are not already sharing something similar this, your staff deserve to hear this too. If you can’t do if for the whole company yet, do it for your organization first. We all know our agents need to hear the impact that they are an integral part of.

To get this started, share one gratitude here with us, that makes you proud of what your company is doing at this time, and be your own beacon of light.

Here is one of ours:

Super awesome service - thank you so much!!  I really appreciate you taking my very short text and turning it into such a perfect action.

Also - thank you to you and your entire team at Sun Basket.  I am responsible for getting food for two families of 7 total (without going over budget) and having sunbasket in the mix means we are guaranteed something fresh - so important for keep the health up in the seniors in our group.

A deep thanks to you and all of your team!

Wishing you all health and safety.

Very best,

Kristine V. 3wks, Weston MA

Be well, and stay safe.
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04-15-2021 09:45 AM

l love the Brett (except the google doc obvs :) 

A few years ago I was visiting different company customer support centres and was lucky enough to be invited to Lego HQ.  They take their favourite Customer letters, that are often written by children in crayon,  and make it into a fun playful book that they give to all their new starters to show the level they are aiming for.

Great way to highlight our superstars, spread positivity and show thanks