Gig Economy Interest Group Meeting Denver Customer Response Summit

By Brett Frazer posted 09-16-2019 07:07 PM


Happy Monday all, to both those here in Denver for #CRSDenver and those elsewhere.

I just had the pleasure of co-hosting the #GigEconomy Group meeting with @Sue Morris of Microsoft, and @Lisa Oswald from Travel Zoo.
We had a packed room representing many brands and industries, as well as some providers; believe me the discussions were lively and covered topics from building acceptance of “letting go” of controls of brand voice and building a business case to pilot, through what types of transactions suite Gig work,  to recruiting and training, to data integration and performance management.  #GettingStartedwithGig, #GigSourcing #MeasuringGigPerformance

We started the session with these two Polling Questions to get a bead on where everyone was starting from, and where the interest lay:

Q1: What is your current level of “participation” in the Gig economy?

  • Have not considered incorporate gig workers in our talent pool but want to learn more ~ 20%
  • Interested in incorporate gig workers in our talent pool but no set plans on how yet ~ 30%
  • Have plans in place to incorporate gig workers in our talent pool within the next 6 months ~ 30%
  • Already utilizing gig workers in our talent pool ~ 20%


Q2: What types of activities are you using or interested in using Gig workers for?

  • Customer Service ~ 65%
  • Technical Support ~ 40%
  • IT Services ~10%
  • Sales/ Acquisition ~ 5%

ACTION: For those not at the event, please share your answers to both questions so we can have a wider understanding of the community. 

If you were in the session and have more questions please look to grab Sue, Lisa or I, and attend the “Do you Dig the Gig” panel discussion featuring Sue, @Hetal Shah of Postmates and I, with Megan Neal of Limitless. If you are reading this from anywhere else please reach out to connect and we will be happy to share.


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