CRS Conference Gig Economy Session Recap

By Brett Frazer posted 02-06-2019 12:00 AM

I am on a flight home from another great Customer Response Summit. Chad, Susan, Emily and team did a fantastic job once again!!!!

I was very excited to hear a high level of conversation around the gig economy in many of the sessions (From the pre conference breakout session, to the main stage as a solution in solving for global language support. These conversations were carried on in organic connections during networking events and innovation labs.

I had originally planned on live blogging from the pre-conference breakout, but the format didn’t allow that to occur, so instead I am sharing some of the soundbites from that session and the rest of the conference to stimulate further questions and discussions.


  • “Especially in sales related questions, customers generally trust answers from other customers more than our company’s representatives”
  • “Because they are customers, our gig worker’s answers “sound” less robotic in their responses than many agents who aren’t as familiar with the real life experience without service”
  • “The Gig Worker solution is better than Forums because: you can select who you invite, you have a built in QA solution to the responses, you have somewhat of a better control on response time, and you can avoid the negativity that can often occur in open forums”
  • “The gig economy was a great solution for us to open up additional language support in new countries without having to invest in infrastructure or minimum number of seats through a traditional BPO”
  • “A great solution to solve for seasonal spikes where we traditionally had to hire mass amounts of temporary works just to “throw away” the investment in knowledge and training when the spike was over”
  • “Expands your talent pool of people passionate about your brand and product/ service”
  • “Paying your customers often ends up with that money coming back to you in additional purchases”

Concerns/ Limitations:

  • “Access of tools and customer privacy are the biggest limitations. You really have to think about what you can share to help determine what types of issues can be solved in this channel”
  • “Questions that involve specific and personal customer data cannot go to a gig employee”
  • “depending on your current technology and channel ramp can take longer than expected and “Out of scope” returned response rates can be higher than expected”
  • “Have to remember to keep the knowledge base fresh and current in a second system”
  • “ “Gig” Customer knowledge, and therefore ability to assist other customers may drop immediately after a new release or big change if you don’t include them in a beta period”
I highly encourage everyone in attendance to build on and add your thoughts, quotable memories and any questions you didn’t get to ask during the sessions. What discussions have you had, or do you have planned, about utilizing the gig economy in your company since you returned?