About the KIA Community

CX Leaders are hungry for new ideas and approaches to transform the customer experience. Know It All (KIA) empowers its members to crowdsource and connect with their CX peers in a collaborative, non-competitive environment to solve challenges within their own organizations.

How the KIA Community Can Help

Break out of the silo. Many CX Leaders bump up against organizational silos that block them from building on the learnings of teams within their own companies. Burst the “bubble” effect through open conversation with CX practitioners from a wide variety of sectors, disciplines, and organizational perspectives.

Fast-track C-suite buy-in for CX improvements.
It can be hard to get the mindshare, budget, and buy-in to shift to more innovative and transformative opportunities. Find out what’s being done successfully at other top brands to build your strategy to cut through the red tape.

Make better-informed decisions. CX leaders are looking for concrete information as they consider CX-related improvements. Learn from KIA members who've already taken similar actions and have experiences to share.

Gain insider information on prospective vendors. CX Leaders are inundated with sales pitches from prospective vendors, and it can be challenging to determine which solutions will help them achieve their organizational goals. KIA’s CX Marketplace will provide corporate-brand-only access to valuable peer insights in a candid, no-pressure environment.

Key Features

  • Over 50% of Members Director-Level+
  • Robust Peer-to-Peer Discussion Board
  • Deep-Dive Discussions by Topic
  • Insightful Q&As with Thought Leaders
  • CX Marketplace for Services & Solutions
  • Executive Job Board

How it Works

No fees or costs. The KIA community is a no-cost service provided to end-user corporate brand members. We aren't an association so we don't require fees or dues of any kind. 

We won't sell your information.
Your contact information is private and secure. We're not in the business of selling information. We simply use it to keep you informed of upcoming events and news. You can opt out of our communications at any time. 

Sales-free Zone. We provide a private, online space, without the pressure of sales pitches.

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