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    Many customer experience (CX) companies love to throw around tech buzzwords like “AI”, “Advanced Analytics”, and “Omnichannel,” but how are the latest technologies being used in the real world to enhance CX performance and client outcomes? The rise of the “super-agent” may answer that question. This is a whole new generation of customer service Read more>>>

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    The ‘work from anywhere’ phenomenon is well underway. Even before the global pandemic forced 71% of employees to work remotely , technology enabled a growing class of “digital nomads” to essentially work from any location that offers an internet connection. From working in RVs as they roam the U.S. countryside, to working from exotic destinations, Read more>>>

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    itel is known as a world-class customer experience (CX) provider, with a broad range of capabilities and expertise. The source of our strength does not lie only in our technology, our transformative workspaces, and our geographic diversity. At the end of the day, we are a people business, and we perform at such a high level because we focus on Read more>>>

  • In the age of social media, when a rogue tweet could bring down an entire organization, companies have to be in-tune with the world around them. Brands that are successful in navigating risk and compliance know that it takes constant attention, especially with ever-changing priorities. We recently had the opportunity to chat about modern governance Read more>>>

  • Artificial intelligence is increasingly helping customers decide everything from what to buy to what to stream. In fact, predictive algorithms that use machine learning to recommend products or services based on data collected from past experience have become a mainstay for eCommerce and online entertainment companies. A recommender system uses Read more>>>

  • A slick customer experience (CX) has plenty of benefits: improved trust , higher customer retention, more word-of-mouth recommendations and stronger customer engagement. All of these benefits, in turn, contribute to higher revenue. A Salesforce survey of more than 12,000 consumers in 2020 found that 91% of customers said they'd be more likely to Read more>>>

  • One of the paradoxes of the COVID-19 pandemic is that as people stayed at home and isolated, the world seemed to become more digitally connected. You couldn’t avoid topics like "Zoom fatigue," virtual happy hours and the blurring borders between home and work life. But time has passed and two things have become clear: The pandemic has changed Read more>>>

  • The customer experience (CX) is rich with opportunities for differentiation and growth. In fact, leading global professional services network PwC shared that 73% of customers agree that CX helps drive their buying decision. But successfully building a trusted relationship with your customers takes a lot of hard work. It can also be difficult to Read more>>>

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    When your customers call your contact center, the process of delivering consistent, accurate, and efficient service should be simple. You need to know who the customer is, their history with your company, understand why they’re calling, and be able to resolve the issue or answer the question in an efficient, timely fashion. They should hang up the phone Read more>>>

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    We have discussed the prevailing perceptions of global outsourcing in previous articles. The topic always spurs a lot of conversation; however, there is still a common mislabeling of where outsourcing occurs and what it actually is. For example, not all outsourcing is offshore. And not all offshore outsourcing is, in fact, "offshore." In contact center Read more>>>