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An Action-Packed Solutions Showcase Where Corporate CX Decisionmakers Can Share Valuable Peer-to-Peer Insights

Key Features

  • Dynamic, Content-Rich Vendor Listings
  • Browse by Company Name & Service Category
  • Peer-to-Peer Knowledge Sharing That Cuts Through the Noise

Our Community

The KIA community is a private, invitation-only professional networking platform where CX Leaders from top customer-facing brands can connect with their peers in a collaborative, non-competitive environment. The CX Marketplace enables its members to access information and crowdsource knowledge to select the right business partners for their organization’s CX needs and goals.

What Makes Our Marketplace Different

For Community Members. With so many new technologies and service offerings available, CX Leaders are inundated with sales pitches from prospective business partners. It can be challenging to determine which solutions will truly help them achieve their organizational goals. Our CX Marketplace delivers up-to-the-minute vendor information while encouraging community members to share valuable peer insights in a candid, no-pressure-to-buy environment.

For Business Partners. Our CX Marketplace enables business partners to take their message directly to the corporate decision makers they most desire to reach. In a highly competitive market where name recognition and word of mouth can be a major differentiator, community members’ peer-to-peer knowledge sharing around CX products and services builds valuable credibility. Dynamic, regularly updated vendor listings featuring video embeds, downloadable materials, blog content, and more help business partners tell their brand story to best effect.

Sample Marketplace Listing