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The Benefits of Investing in Customer Service Agents


Your customer service agents are the backbone of your business and the front line of your brand — the main drivers of customer satisfaction, loyalty, and overall experience. Agent influence on customer satisfaction is the reason consumers consider customer service a key factor of their brand loyalty. In fact, 59% of consumers recommend a brand because of great customer service.

The ROI of Investing in Your Customer Service Agents

Well-cared-for agents produce a higher return on investment because they give customers personalized experiences, which in turn leads to higher rates of retention, loyalty, and returns. With the need for personalization on the rise, the benefits of investing in your customer service department have never been clearer. But this raises the question: Where should you start investing in your agents’ experience?

Your Agents Want to Thrive — With Your Support

In our 2023 Hero Experience Report, we investigated what drives customer service agents, as well as what causes burnout. We discovered that customer service agents take pride in their careers and are looking for long-term investment from employers. In fact, 61% of agents have worked in the customer service industry for over six years. This commitment and pride in their work make a dedicated agent a true asset to your business.

However, without the proper support, your agents risk feeling undervalued, overworked, and disconnected from management and their co-workers. By providing them with the tools they need, resources for learning, and an environment that values their well-being and service, you have the opportunity to generate significant value across your team.

Providing support boosts morale, motivation, and your bottom line by fostering loyalty among your team and reducing the costs of continual hiring, training, and turnover. Investing in your agents’ career longevity is crucial, considering 89% of customer service agents intend to stay in the field long-term.

Follow along as we highlight the key benefits of investing in customer service employees, so you can decide where to best dedicate your time and resources.

Looking to reap the benefits of investing in customer service agents? Check out our 2023 Hero Experience Report to discover what matters most to your agents, and how you can help turn them into true heroes of your brand.