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What Is Customer Experience Maturity? [Free Assessment]


As your business grows, your needs will shift to match both your customers’ evolving expectations as well as those of your agents. Not having the right customer service infrastructure in place can be detrimental, which makes understanding your customer experience maturity vital to your success.

What Is a Customer Experience Maturity Assessment?

A customer experience (CX) maturity assessment measures how much your customers’ needs and inputs impact business decisions, strategies, and priorities. Maturity levels are typically based on a business’s tactics, customer input, customer retention, and comparison to competing businesses. By looking at these factors, you will be able to determine whether your CX is a liability or a superpower.

Understanding Your CX Maturity Assessment Results

If you discover that your CX maturity is below the level you want it to be at, it’s not too late to turn things around — especially if your business is in the middle of a growth stage. Take this opportunity to evaluate whether your needs have changed due to your growing customer base.

While many businesses invest in their customer service as they expand, others choose not to invest in their growing needs, causing them to inadequately meet their new CX demand. By evaluating your customer service tactics now, you have an opportunity to adapt your customer experience maturity to match your current and future needs. Adapting to proactive customer service strategies and regularly updating them allows you to appropriately scale to support the increased expectations of your expanding shopper base.

Your customer experience maturity also does not necessarily have to correlate with your company’s growth. Small businesses could prioritize their customer service and therefore have high customer experience maturity, just as a large corporation could neglect CX and have low maturity as a result. Growth is simply a factor in how your tactics should shift to adapt to your maturity levels.

Click on the interactive quiz below for a preview of our CX maturity self-assessment, which will help you discover how well your customer service tactics match your customer experience maturity needs.

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