About ArenaCX

As a group of long-time friends and co-workers, we genuinely love working together and see each day as a new opportunity to do something meaningful for our customers, partners, and customer service users all over the world.

We are redefining the outsourcing industry by introducing the world’s first contact center marketplace where contact centers compete to serve their clients’ customers better and better. We believe that when goals are aligned and performance outcomes are shared BPOs, brands, and customers all win.

Why we do it.

We’re passionate about consumers.

We want to improve the quality of service that customers all over the world experience.

We believe in healthy competition.

We believe in market dynamics and giving teams the ability to play to their strengths.

We want to ‘right’ outsourcing ‘wrongs’.

Outsourcing has a historically bad reputation - and we’re here to demonstrate that, when done right, outsourcing can be a game-changer and money-saver.

How we do it.

The best BPOs.

By partnering with world-class, socially responsible BPOs who share our passion for serving brands and customers.

The right pairings.

By pairing our clients with the right contact centers in our network to fill the gaps in the brand’s operations.

Measuring the results.

By monitoring and managing contact center performance in real time against KPIs established by the brand.

The feedback loop.

By implementing a feedback loop that acts as a continuous improvement cycle to keep the brand and BPO(s) serving them in tight alignment.

What matters most.

As passionate as we are about being a force for good in customer experience and the outsourcing industry, we are equally passionate about advancing our community.

We are strongly committed to being a force for good – and strive to be better every day.
Social responsibility

  • Giving back to our communities through volunteer efforts, like through our work at a local food bank.
  • Supporting and raising awareness for important causes - like partnering and fundraising for awesome organizations like Freedom United (a non-profit fighting against human trafficking).
Corporate responsibility
  • Reducing our carbon footprint by employing a remote-first/work-from-home model.
  • Offering our employees unlimited time off in support of their mental and physical well being.
  • A supportive team that enforces fair treatment to each and every employee, partner, and customer.
Personal responsibility
  • Careful selection of world-class partners whose values and responsibilities represent ArenaCX and our clients well.
  • Emphasis on partnering with minority-owned BPOs and BPOs who employ staff from disadvantaged circumstances such as the physically challenged, second chance, veteran, etc.

For more information, please visit www.arenacx.com or send us an email.

Company Headquarters

310 S Harrington Street, Suite 112
Raleigh, NC 27603
(833) 273-6229