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How To Garner Customer Engagement In The Gaming Industry

By Jerry Leisure, Co-Founder & CEO True gamers know that playing video games is about more than experiencing the content of the game—it’s also about belonging to a community of players who share their passion for the game. Too many video game companies fail to appreciate and harness the...

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What's New with Officium- Collaborations You Don't Want To Miss

By Sydney Delgadillo Nelson, Marketing Specialist, Officium Labs In all industries, innovation and collaboration are vital to growth and play a major role in preventing stagnation and friction. The CX industry is no different. Over the past two months, Officium Labs has been able to collaborate...

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5 Essential Skills for CX Leaders

By Jerry Leisure, Co-Founder & CEO, and Nate Brown, Chief Experience Officer The work of the customer experience leader is infinitely complex. We must be capable of telling compelling stories through a combination of the empirical and the theoretical, be fluent in the language of every...

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Building Bridges: Creating Meaningful Connections Through Technology

Building an enterprise system is a challenging process. You are building a piece of technology that is going to help your enterprise operate its business, and sometimes the entire enterprise will be directed and run from this system. What is the best method for planning and building such an...

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Gig Economy: A Lightbulb Moment for the CX Industry

In the near future, how we work, where we work, when we work—and, quite possibly, how we’re paid for that work—will be demonstratively different from what we experience today. Evolutions in technology, processes, people, and business will disrupt and drive this change. How they respond to these...

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Bots and Babel Fish

In 2007, I moved to the United Kingdom. This amazing life adventure opened my eyes to cultures, languages, and opportunities I had never experienced in America. Upon arrival, it was clear my American English was not going to cut it in the UK. I immediately started hearing words I didn’t...

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Scaling Customer Service in an On-Demand Economy

When I was younger, my friends and I tested our athletic prowess by going up the “down” escalator. Sometimes I was successful. Other times, I got close before I lost all my progress and the escalator took me back to the bottom. Customer service can feel like this sometimes—especially at a...

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0-90 Days: Startup Customer Service Made Easy

You just had that amazing first idea. The one that is going to be the foundation for the future. The future that will redefine or re-envision the marketplace. You are starting to put together a plan. You are stoked about this new idea that has now turned into a viable product. You have had...

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Where Most Freemium Games Fail, Kabam Aims to Win

A few years ago, I downloaded my first freemium game. I played it for a while and then had an issue. I submitted a ticket on the company's support website. Forty-eight hours later I got a response. By then I had already deleted the game and moved on to another one. So I deleted the email and...