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What's New with Officium- Collaborations You Don't Want To Miss


By Sydney Delgadillo Nelson, Marketing Specialist, Officium Labs

In all industries, innovation and collaboration are vital to growth and play a major role in preventing stagnation and friction. The CX industry is no different. Over the past two months, Officium Labs has been able to collaborate with some of the brightest minds in CX to tackle the most pressing questions we are seeing today. We want to be sure you don’t miss out on any of these key conversations. That’s why we’ve highlighted eight of our most recent CX collaborations you can’t miss.

Podcasts- The CX Shows You Should Listen To

1. First up we have “The Leadership In Business Podcast” with Todd Westra and Jerry Leisure, CEO and Co-Founder of Officium Labs. In this podcast, Jerry discusses the importance of taking care of your workers and dives into how caring about the bottom line is not more important than caring for your employees. In just 9 minutes, this podcast covers ways you can utilize software to take a pulse of your company to check on the wellbeing of your team. Listen to the full podcast here.


2. Another podcast to add to the list is “Market Impact Insights Podcast.“ Be sure to listen to hear Jerry Leisure share how using human capital in creating an outstanding customer experience— and delivering memorable customer service— is the heart of true innovation. Listen to the full podcast here.


On-Demand Learning- The CX Tips You Can Rewatch Anytime

3. Did you miss the CX Festival put on by Wix Answers? No worries. They have all the sessions on-demand, so you can rewatch whenever is most convenient for your schedule. Don’t forget to rewatch “Driving Collaboration through the Voice of the Customer” with Leora Machlis, Carlos Quezada, Tom Doulos and our very own Nate Brown! Watch on-demand here!


4. We can’t forget ICMI’s on-demand webinar on “Ask the Experts: Rerouting Customer Experience for Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond.” How do the basic principles of CX apply to present-day challenges? What have we learned about CX’s role in business continuity planning? How can contact center leaders build unity and continue breaking down silos in a remote environment? What role do technology, automation, and predictive analytics play in tomorrow’s CX? Get all the answers by watching this on-demand webinar. Watch the full on-demand webinar here.

Advice from Industry Experts- The CX Articles You Have To Read

5. Hiver gathered 17 CX leaders from all over and asked the same question: “How has COVID-19 changed CX?” You’ll hear from some of the industry’s biggest names, including Dan Gingiss, Annette Franz, and James Dodkins. Be sure to read what our very own Nate Brown has to say as well! Read the full article here.

6. Speaking of COVID-19, we can’t forget Calabrio’s Industry Insights Report. The COVID-19 pandemic rapidly and dramatically transformed the way we work, almost overnight. As lockdowns ease, the acute challenges will fade. But it’s clear that there is no going back to normal. Hear from more industry experts like Jay Baer, Jeanne Bliss, and Shep Hyken. Read the full report here.

7. With the pandemic going on, one thing we can all use during this time is self care. That’s why Stella Connect talked to 20 CX and CS leaders about how they manage the wellness and mental health of their teams. Since Officium Labs is a fully remote workforce, our CXO Nate Brown, had some great tips to share on managing the mental health of a remote team. Read through the full guide here.

Bonus: Case Study- What Tools Officium Labs Uses To Be Successful

8. Last, but certainly not least, we collaborated with one of our favorite creation tools, Visme. Our team uses Visme daily to collaborate across our different departments and create content for our brand seamlessly. Our marketing team was super excited to be featured in one of Visme’s spotlights. Read how we utilize Visme throughout our organization here.