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Why Data Will Power the Future of the Contact Center

by: Andrea Paul, Content Marketing Manager June 3, 2020 Until now, the omnichannel, cloud-based, 360-degree customer view-enabled contact center was mostly a pipe dream, touted by technology vendors and thought leaders, with a majority of businesses falling short of this gold...

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How to Turn Data Into Action and Measure the Success of a Support Team

by: DeAnna Kerley, Customer Success Manager June 1, 2020 Data is powerful, perhaps more than many of us realize. It contains nearly infinite applications. Yet while its limitless possibilities are seductive, they also provide ample opportunities to get lost in the weeds. One of...

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Kustomer Raises $60 Million Series E to Accelerate Transformation of Customer Service

By Brad Birnbaum, CEO & Co-Founder, Kustomer Yesterday, we announced our $60M Series E funding round led by Coatue. I wanted to take a few minutes and talk about reimagining customer service and the future of Kustomer. I’ve always been passionate about great customer...

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Why Personalized Customer Service? Because Consumers Demand It

By Andrea Paul, Content Marketing Manager The modern customer wants to buy a product, but they don’t want to be treated like a transaction. They’re expecting an experience—and if that experience is a positive one, then a one-time purchase often becomes a lifelong interaction with a company...