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Stop Resolving Tickets and Start Personalizing Conversations

Kustomer is the only true omnichannel SaaS platform reimagining enterprise customer service to deliver standout experiences – not resolve tickets. Built with intelligent automation, Kustomer scales to meet the needs of any contact center and business by unifying data from multiple sources and enabling companies to deliver effortless, consistent, and personalized customer service through a single timeline view. 

Customer expectations have evolved past ticket numbers, formal emails (“don’t reply below this line”), and isolated data (“what is your order number?”). In today’s experience economy, customer-first — not ticket-first — enterprises are winning the competitive game across industries. What’s their secret? They've shifted to a customer-first approach where each interaction is personalized from start to finish.

Four ways to create customer-first service:

  1. Understand the emotions of your customers. By pairing sentiment data with the right agent skills, it’s easier than ever to master the skill of mirroring to make customers more comfortable.
  2. Encourage actual conversations. Moving from a mindset of a transactional service to conversational service, agents can build long-term relationships with customers, rather than resolving a series of issues. As a result, be able to provide a more personalized service at scale.
  3. Embrace omnichannel and break down silos. Brands that deliver omnichannel support (and also are flexible enough to continue conversations across multiple channels without losing the context) will win additional brand loyalty.
  4. Reinvent your CS titles and hiring processes. Many customer-first service organizations are reinventing the names, skill sets, and training of their teams because of the importance of the experience to customer value and business success.
Kustomer is the core platform of some of the leading customer service brands like Ring, Rent the Runway, Abercrombie & Fitch, Co., Glossier, Glovo, and UNTUCKit. See what users of the platform are saying.

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