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What's New with Officium- Collaborations You Don't Want To Miss

By Sydney Delgadillo Nelson, Marketing Specialist, Officium Labs In all industries, innovation and collaboration are vital to growth and play a major role in preventing stagnation and friction. The CX industry is no different. Over the past two months, Officium Labs has been able to collaborate...

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5 Essential Skills for CX Leaders

By Jerry Leisure, Co-Founder & CEO, and Nate Brown, Chief Experience Officer The work of the customer experience leader is infinitely complex. We must be capable of telling compelling stories through a combination of the empirical and the theoretical, be fluent in the language of every...

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How Mindfulness Translates to Happier Agents and Customers

Being a customer support agent has to be one of the most stressful jobs in the world, even during normal times. Dealing with issues and problems all day every day is draining. And customers are sometimes at their worst when they connect with agents. The agent is expected to remain calm, cool,...

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A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Pandemic: Three Rules for Maintaining Mental Health During the COVID-19 Crisis and Beyond

2020 has put on quite a show thus far, amirite?? Any other year, massive wildfires in Australia and horrible locust plagues in Africa would have dominated the world news. Not this year, says COVID-19! Every single one of us is affected by the pandemic in a significant way, and we are having to...

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Now Is The Time to Be a Shining Beacon Within Your Organization

As I write this I do so with the full understanding that I am in a very fortunate position within the American workforce right now. Our company, Sun Basket , is uniquely positioned to help reduce the potential risks and uncertainties associated with shopping for food, and we are seeing...

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Coronavirus and Contact Centers: Practical Solutions for Business Continuity

As the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19, or coronavirus, increases across the United States and around the world, businesses are expressing valid concern around how their staff, customers, and day-to-day captive centers and BPO operations will be affected. To maintain employee safety as...

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Pizza Hut’s Paul Brandt on Delivering a Feeling, One Pie at a Time

Not everyone gets to grow up and take a job they love with a brand that gave them the warm fuzzies as a child. By that standard @Paul Brandt , who joined Pizza Hut as VP of Customer Experience in April 2019, is one lucky guy. In this interview, he explains how the brand’s employee-first...

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FedEx's Ginna Sauerwein on Getting It Right the First Time

Over her nearly 35 years at FedEx, community member Ginna Sauerwein worked her way up from Package Handler and Ramp Agent to Managing Director of Customer Experience - and her last day on the job was May 31. Now ready to tackle new challenges, Ginna has been reflecting on her tenure at FedEx...

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Member Q&A: HomeAway's Peter Andrews on Communicating with Internal Stakeholders

How does a traditional digital advertising platform transform into a successful e-commerce site in just a few short years? It all comes down to earning customers’ trust on both sides of the digital marketplace, says Peter Andrews, Senior Vice President of HomeAway, part of Expedia Group, and...

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Member Q&A: Google's Parag Vaish on Smart Team Decision-Making

At our Customer Response Summit in New Orleans we heard Parag Vaish, Founder-in-Residence at Google's Area 120, explain how his Smart Selection Process helps the most valuable CX ideas and strategies float to the top. In this follow-up Q&A, Parag shared how he navigates office politics,...