About CustomerServ

Choosing the right vendor(s) from the thousands of providers in the $200 billion call center industry is a daunting task. With today’s marketplace challenges and headwinds, business leaders want reliable solutions and a lot less “noise”. CustomerServ, founded in 2006 is an outsourcing ecosystem and matchmaking expert, helping brands find, select, and retain the right call center BPO partners. CustomerServ works with brands to optimize their people performance by discovering vendor partners that align perfectly with the brand’s culture and outsourcing requirements. Our experts apply (3) decades of knowledge, thought leadership, data, and expertise to help brands understand the vendor landscape better, crystallize the right outsourcing strategies, and select the right partnerships.

From Fortune 100s to emerging companies, experienced to newer buyers of outsourcing, supplier diversity leaders and customer experience champions, decision makers rely on CustomerServ’s industry insights and knowledge base of vetted and certified mid-sized BPO vendors, onshore, nearshore, and offshore. Since inception, CustomerServ is responsible for creating over $2 billion in successful global outsourcing partnerships and, sourcing over 100,000 new call center jobs. Speed to market, expert due diligence, and a 90% success rate in accurate matching, gives brands a competitive advantage, and there is never a fee to engage us for vendor recommendations or knowledge sharing.

For more information, please visit www.customerserv.com or send us an email.

Company Headquarters

19901 Southwest Freeway, Suite 163
Sugar Land, Texas 77479