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5 Reasons to Join Our Online Community

By Emily Cowan posted 10-04-2019 11:07 AM

After every Execs In The Know Customer Response Summit we hear from our attendees that they wish there were a way to keep the conversation going. That's why we created Know It All (KIA), our private online community for senior customer experience executives at top consumer brands. No fees or membership dues required - just valuable peer-to-peer discussion in a collaborative, non-competitive environment.

Here are five reasons why our members - more than 50% VP-level or higher - are making time for this new professional network. Are you a CX Leader? We hope you'll join us.

1. Break out of the silo.

Many CX Leaders bump up against organizational siloes that block them from building on the learnings of teams within their own companies. KIA connects them with CX practitioners from a wide variety of sectors, disciplines, and organizational perspectives. "It’s not beneficial for CX leaders to only receive information in his/her own bubble," says a senior director at a leading consumer-tech company. "For example, a BPO leader could potentially source gig workers, but this solution may never come up in her outsourcing group.”

2. Fast-track C-suite buy-in for CX improvements.It can be hard to get the mindshare, budget, and buy-in for CX improvements. Find out what’s being done successfully at other top brands to build your strategy and cut through the red tape. "Like many CX leaders, I seek to gain organizational commitment for more customer-friendly product design by communicating internally 'what it’s really like' to be our customer. Data-laden reports don’t work - you need to be able to tell an effective story to get buy-in," says the SVP of global customer service at an online travel company. "I'm looking to share tips on successful ways to do this."

3. Make better-informed decisions on long-term strategy.

CX leaders are looking for concrete information as they consider new CX initiatives. Learn from KIA members who are already pushing the envelope and have experiences and insight to share. "It is much easier to do what's always been done," says a CX expert in the gaming sector. "Learning successful examples from top brands can be a transformative opportunity."

4. Build valuable professional connections. 

Ninety-percent of our members say they feel "very comfortable" reaching out to other members privately for help, according to our 2019 community survey. "I'd like to thank one particular member for her generous help and amazing insight," reads a recent post. "We never officially met but I saw her presentation at the Execs In The Know event in New Orleans. I contacted her out of blue and she was very happy to share her learning and experience."

5. Gain insider information on prospective vendors.

CX decisionmakers are inundated with sales pitches from prospective vendors, and it can be challenging to determine which solutions will help them achieve their organizational goals. KIA Community’s CX Marketplace - set to launch in November - enables peer-to-peer knowledge sharing in a private, collaborative online environment. As one long-time outsourcing professional puts it, “This KIA forum, with its rich experience base, offers a unique opportunity to compare notes.”

Are You a CX Leader?

KIA Community is Execs In The Know's private online discussion forum for CX Leaders. All senior CX executives at consumer brands are welcome (no business partners, please)! Click here to request to join.