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Did CCW Vegas snub the Gig Economy? Part 2

By Brett Frazer posted 07-01-2019 12:00 AM


So the short answer is yes, this time. 

CCW Vegas was big, loud, busy, and a great networking opportunity, it was great to see @Ima Somers and @Lisa O'Brien in the demo haul. About 60% of the sessions I attended were good value (slightly higher than my expectation, however at only one session was gig mentioned. That was the 7:45 am “thoughts and feedback” session on the last day (when most attendees were nursing the activities of the late night before) when the question of “what didn’t we discuss this year that we might think about for next CCW” came up.

Talking with Mario Matulich, Executive Director of Customer Management Practice, (who run CCW) afterwards, he acknowledged that it was a missing topic, while at the same time indicating that they have not seen much traction in the industry yet but are monitoring.

While Gig economy may have been snubbed, there was a key focus across a number of keynotes (Shep Hyken, Tony Hsieh, and James Dodkins) and breakout sessions (Megan Burns, Jim Kukral, and Charles Minton) on setting ones employees up for success as the key to setting customers up for success. Two quotes that stood out to me were “Employees who feel like they matter, make customers feel like they matter” (Charles Ryan Milton), and “Turn your employees into fans of your customers, and they will turn your customers into fans of your company” (James Dodkins).

The general message was similar across all these sessions with the general sense being setting your front-line staff with the knowledge, empowerment and authority to:

Acknowledge the issue, apologize for the impact, own the situation, fix the problem and act with urgency.

For those working with Gig staff, how would you go about ensuring those staff are as equally enabled in this space as your “regular” agents?


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